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Submitted by PRITAM MALLICK | September 15, 2021 | Technology

Here’s Why?
GIFs are easy to consume and this makes them very attractive to any brand trying to meet the audience’s content needs at any given time.

It has been shown that people only remember 20% of the text they read without visuals, which reminds us once again why visual power is more important than ever.

It is therefore the perfect call-to-action.

Better than images, and cheaper than video
Brands use GIFS now in their strategy because it is pure logic. It is effective, it is working and it is more appealing than images, but also cheaper (and easier) to be created, comparing to videos.

GIFs are mobile-friendly
As GIFs only last a few seconds, their file size is significantly smaller and the process of uploading them is faster comparing to videos, while the auto loop increases the effectiveness of a brand’s message.

What’s more, their integration on the biggest social networks encouraged their revival and the increased exposure they’ve recently enjoyed.

(Twitter even introduced its own GIF keyboard making their use even more convenient.).

That’s why businesses who wish to stay current are using their own branded and targeted GIF messages to attract and draw in customers.


Because animated GIFS

Get to the point right away – no time for them to click away. They’re already interested.
The moving picture catches the eye

It conveys instant emotion and what you mean – no need to convince or cajole
It is a much softer and more effective sell
They can be tailored to your brand, product, service, or message
They can be made to be very funny and targeted so that people get the ‘in-joke’
They can be used for personal use to enhance your own circle of friendships or work/social groups
They can use catchy headlines to force people to click

But most importantly for you:

“When Used Properly, They Can Become Your Main Digital & Content Marketing Strategy With Very Little Effort… Increasing Your Reach, Conversion, Brand Image & Your Position In The Current Online Marketplace.”

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Submitted by: PRITAM MALLICK

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